Introduction to eDOG Systems

eDOG systems is a software solutions provider focusing mainly on engineered software solutions and network management. Our software solutions have a strong focus on mobile applications (phone and tablet) and their supporting back-end systems. We are expert at extending our customers' reach, into the mobile web and application space, enabling new business opportunities and revenue streams.

With thirty years plus software development experience the eDOG systems development team develops world class reliable, scalable solutions. The team draws upon a wealth of widely experienced registered senior professional engineers with a strong telecommunications background.

We are firm believers in shared information and data models to avoid any form of lock-in and therefore endeavour to use open source technologies. With our strong engineering background in the mix we deliver reliable supported solutions that address industry and business problems, ranging from simple to very complex.

We help our clients move forward in every part of their businesses; our team is committed to provide them with advice, R&D services, technological reports, and professional and relevant technical expertise.

The development team can be deployed to complete project based work at the client site or off-site.